Let us introduce ourselves. We are Xina Graham-Vannais (a photographer), and William Wolff Herbert (a storyteller): two young, motivated artists with a few holes in our wallet where the cash usually goes. We are long time friends, artists, and collaborators. We are two of a generation of freshly-educated artists who are prepared to take on the preconceived notions of our nation and the art it has inspired.

We want to find the New America — where everything is still possible and nothing is left untouched. That strange country where you can eat the same sandwich in every state or sample fish from both coasts in the same day. We want to find the New America — where womyn run cities, where minorities outnumber the assumed “majority,” and where you can still die over your sexual orientation. We want to find, to capture and to create, to build a web over so many states that the country can be outlined in our footsteps.

We will travel the same roads that have been the paths of great migrations and quests west for generations. We will redefine them with the photographic and written works they inspire in us.