Don't Squat with Your Spurs on

There are many ways to plan a trip and if we use my great prowess in the academic field of Mathematics*, we can clearly see that there are infinite ways to plan our cross-country trip. To support this claim, I site the countless conversations leading up to and continuing throughout this journey. If there's one thing Americans all have in common, it is their incredible super-powered opinions on how best to see the country.

(*That Maths comment is heavily seasoned with sarcasm/irony/your tonal flavoring of choice.)

Everyone and their flea-infested semi-adopted local stray feels the need detail this Opinion. These insights are welcomed with open, sweaty-pitted arms -- the more local the better. Tell me about the "unique" little coffee shop that serves everything that Starbucks does, but with new names! About the town-square memorials (read: White History Monuments)!! About the Center for Diabetes -- ahem -- I mean, regional fast food establishment!!!

These little tidbits people have acquired from several years specializing in living in one area -- or the local grapevine -- largely come from places of goodwill. Occasionally an over-bearing Critical Cloud will roll in over Witty Banter and Amiable Conversation Town when Criticism tries to introduce itself as Advice. This plan is a brain child of mine, with a gestation period of about 25 months. It is very much my baby and Will has generously offered his time and love to help raise this baby. Like any parent, I readily seek pointers from more experienced child-rearers/travelers/artists/etc. But like any parent, the blatant and uninvited critical attack of my choices is less appreciated. Often, this comments are expected to be "excused" by our youth. I understand that people genuinely want to help us, especially because we are young and prone to mistakes. But as we move further West and nestle more comfortably into this current state of living, we learn more and more what works for us and what doesn't.

We are eternally grateful for all of the the love and support we've received and continue to receive every day. We only wish people would be more willing to accept the decisions we've made in order to achieve our artistic and thus *very personal* goals.